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About the Canada Greener Homes Loan.

Solify, a certified service organization by Natural resources Canada, is dedicated to assist homeowners in accessing this unique financing opportunity.

Our expert team will guide you through the process and help you maximize the energy efficiency at comfort of your home. By combining interest-free financing with the Canada Greener Homes Grant, you can substantially reduce your environmental impact while enjoying lower utility bills.


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Solify helps homeowners access energy audit grants and rebates to offset the cost of home improvements. Take advantage of government-sponsored programs that offer financial support for energy-efficient upgrades to your residential or commercial property, including Sustainable Home Design enhancements. Our team is here to guide you through the process and unlock the grants and rebates available to make your energy-efficient renovations more affordable, whether it’s a MURB energy audit or an energy audit for commercial buildings.

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Let's help you to take a leap towards a greener future with the Canada Greener Homes Loan.

Loan Details:

  • Maximum Loan Amount: $40,000
  • Repayment Term: 10 Years, Interest-FreeLoan Type:
  • Unsecured Personal Loan on Approved Credit

Kindly note that the eligible loan amount may be less than the quoted cost, and homeowners must cover any difference. Each property and homeowner can receive only one loan, which must be used for eligible products and installations recommended by an energy advisor and approved for the grant. To start the retrofit work, part of the loan can be disbursed upfront for contractor down payments, with the remaining balance disbursed after completing the retrofits and a post-retrofit evaluation.

Work Process

Eligibility criteria for the Canada Greener Homes Loan

To be eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Loan, applicants must meet the following requirements

Canada Greener Homes Grant Eligibility

Must be eligible for and apply for the Canada Greener Homes Grant or an equivalent provincial program.


Must be a Canadian homeowner, and the home must be your primary residence.

Pre-Retrofit Evaluation

Must have completed a pre-retrofit evaluation of your home dated April 1, 2020, or later (Solify Advisors can perform this if not done yet).

Good Credit History

Must have a good credit history and not be involved in any insolvency proceedings.


Financial Capacity and Application Process:

  1. you will be required to provide financial information to show your capacity to repay the loan. Ensuring that you have means to fulfill your financial obligations.
  2.  The Canada Greener Homes Loan is available to homeowners with an active pre-retrofit Canada Greener Homes Grant application. Starting August 31, 2022, those who have requested a post-retrofit evaluation or received a grant payment can also apply for the loan to finance any remaining eligible retrofits they have not yet started
  3.  Important note that homeowners who have completed all their retrofits are not eligible to apply. However, they may still be eligible to apply for the loan if there are any remaining recommended retrofits that have not yet started.

The Canada Greener Homes Loan does not apply the following

  • Work that has already been started or completed.
  • Retrofits that have not been recommended by an energy advisor.
  • Retrofits that are not eligible for a Canada Greener Homes Grant.
  • Retrofits that are not included in your loan application.

Solify Advisors is here to guide you through the application process and help you access the Canada Greener Homes Loan to finance your energy-efficient retrofits. Contact us today to learn more and take the next step towards a greener and more sustainable home.

Work Process

How to Apply through Solify Energy Advisors

If your household meets any one of the following requirements, you may be eligible for a 0% interest, 20-years loan with a 20-years payback period through the Ottawa Better Homes – Loan Program. Income-qualified applicants will also have their administrative fee waived and have the option of working with a retrofit project manager.

1. Get an EnerGuide rating and improvement recommendations with Solify Advisors making your home more resilient to climate change.The loan covers a range of eligible retrofits, including:

  • Home insulation,
  • Air-sealing
  • Windows and doors
  • Thermostat
  • Space and water heating
  • Renewable energy
  • Resiliency measures

2. After submission of your pre-retrofit evaluation file to NRCan, you can apply for the loan. Residents of all provinces except Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec can apply for the loan through the Canada Greener Homes portal.Residents of above said provinces can apply for the loan through the portal only after applying for the grant through the provincial co-delivery organization

4. Complete your retrofits and retain all receipts and invoices as proof of the work done for the loan process.

5. Contact your EA at Solify to get a post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation to assess the impact of your improvements, EnerGuide label and estimate your grant amount.

6. We will update your final evaluation details and grant estimates in the Canada Greener Homes portal. You must upload all final invoices and receipts to both the Canada Greener Homes portal and the loan portal. The loan amount will be reviewed based on the actual retrofit costs.

  • If actual costs are lower than estimated, the loan amount will be decreased.
  • If actual costs are higher than estimated, the loan amount will not be increased.
  • The final approved loan amount (minus any initial advance) will be deposited into your bank account within 10 days.

7. Repay your loan over 10 years with detailed repayment information provided

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